Music Production


Calling out to all musicians, songwriters, and arts practitioners! Timbre Music Academy in collaboration with JMC Academy in Australia will be holding a music production workshop in August 2017! Over five days, Stephen Malliate will conduct a series of exciting, hands-on music production workshops.  Learn how to record a small ensemble; undertake a mix-down of a recorded song; audio master a project and more.

As a practicing DJ, live sound engineer, content producer, and musical director, Stephan is also a senior lecturer in the Audio Engineering degree program at JMC Academy in Melbourne, Australia.  He also produces original music with his brother under the alias ‘Stephan Jordan’.

Full programme information can be viewed here.

Music professionals may apply for the Capability Development Grant from National Arts Council (NAC). All applications are competitive and subject to NAC’s assessment criteria. Details and application forms are found here. Deadline for grant application is 15 April 2017.

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