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The Swingiest Party In Town Every Monday!



A one stop pop for Lindy Hop!

Food, Drinks, Lindy Hop classes, a live swing band and a dance floor open for all to enjoy.

Every Monday from 14 Jan 2019 at Timbre X @ The Substation.

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In partnership with Timbre Music Academy.


Lindy Hop is Fun!

Lindy hop is a partner dance that emerged during the 1930s and 40s in Harlem, New York alongside Big Band swing and jazz. Just like the blues, this art form rose from the Afro American community and eventually became mainstream, spreading to Europe and the rest of the world during World War II.

A joyful and improvisational dance, it is a wonderful way to connect with a partner and with music. A few simple guidelines are all you need to get you started and swinging out!

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In partnership with Timbre Music Academy.