Alex stumbled into lindy hop in 2013, looking for “something else to do”. It didn’t take long for the lindy bug to bite, and she quickly became infatuated with the joyful dance. The playfulness, dynamic connection between the dancers, spontaneity and creativity of the dance are things which she adores and strives to focus on in her own dancing and sharing. She thinks everyone should be dancing (especially those with two left feet!) and believes the world will be a much happier and better place if everyone dances to lindy hop.


Brian has been dancing for 15 years and teaching for 10. In that time, he has explored much of swing dance, lindy hop and tap dance and delved into some of the history and culture surrounding Lindy Hop in the 30s and 40s. He continues to teach and spread the dance where and when he can.


Deborah began dancing lindy hop and balboa 11 years ago, while living in the US. Despite moving countries four times and the occasional foray into other partnered dances, swing dancing is still her number one passion. She loves the energy, momentum, and fun that lindy hop embodies, and constantly seeks to share that joy.

Hong Wee

Hong Wee has been dancing for 17 years, without realising the passion for swing would last so long. He has participated in and been placed in competitions such as Korean Lindy Hop Championship (KLHC) and Taipei Swing Festival. However, his first love has always been the social aspect of swing – the friends, fashion and fun of swing.


Kevin became interested in lindy hop when he saw social dancing for the first time. A fast learner, Kevin quickly picked up advanced skills and techniques that led to him performing and teaching Lindy hop in Singapore. He continues to hone and refine his dancing, learning through teaching and performing.


Sing started lindy hopping in 1988 in London’s Jitterbugs club. Since then, she has won countless of competitions including the US Open, the American Swing Dance Championships and the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown in New Orleans. In 1996 she started teaching Lindy Hop in Singapore and has grown the scene to become one of the most vibrant in the world. She teaches at workshops and competes in Sweden, USA and Asia.