Mang (O.K READY!)

Having played for notable bands such as Zero Sequence (progressive metal) and Goodfellas (pop-rock), Mang is now lead vocalist and guitarist for popular Timbre resident band O.K READY!, performing to capacity crowd every week. During the day, Mang is lead instructor for vocals and guitar at Timbre Music Academy. It is evident in his heartfelt vocal delivery that he is dedicated to every performance. Mang is a firm believer that music is nothing without passion.

Sara (53A)

Lead singer, Guitarist and MicroKorgist of  popular Timbre Resident band 53A, Sara is a seasoned and sought-after vocalist and guitarist with 8 years of experience performing ‘live’ music at established local spots, including Timbre. Having performed at Timbre ever since we first opened our doors, Sara feels that it is only right that she too is part of the mentorship programme at TMA. A firm believer that nobody is too young or old to start learning music, Sara’s greatest achievement as a music instructor was to help a deaf student sing his favourite song.