Music Courses

Welcome! If you are here, then you are just one step away from embarking on a new musical adventure! At Timbre Music Academy (TMA), we provide lessons to cater to students needs. To kickstart your journey, first decide on a music course route and then pick a course that you’ll like to enrol in. Finally, do complete the enrolment form and we will be in touch real soon!

Music Course Routes

At TMA, we understand that our students have different needs. So when it comes to deciding on what programmes to go for, three different routes have been identified to best cater to students’ goals.

Enrichment Route

If you already have an instrument in mind you like to pick up, this is the route for you! Students who go through the enrichment route will learn from our professional musicians with lessons customised to meet each student’s needs. Lessons will be held weekly on a preferred fixed day and time of the week.

Examination Route

If you are not just looking to pick up a new instrument but want to challenge yourself further, you will be pleased to know that TMA provides music certification accredited by Trinity College London. This certification is internationally recognised which can also be used as credits for university or colleges entrance in the United Kingdom or European countries. Lessons will be held weekly on a preferred fixed day and time of the week.

Exploration Route

If you can’t decide on which instrument to pick up or find that with a busy schedule, it gets tough to commit a fixed day for lesson, you can now give any instrument* a try on a flexible schedule! This is a newly launched program so be sure to enquire about details of our promotional price!

* applicable for all vocals and  instruments courses except for iPad music.


Strum & Sing

Unleash the complete acoustic and vocal performer in you once and for all with the Strum & Sing programme. TMA instructors will help you understand the importance of singing in harmony, coordination and vocal blending techniques.

Learn to perfect your amplifier and maximise mixer settings to maintain optimal guitar tones (to get the best stage monitor and front-of-house sound). Focus on the analysis of singing and guitar-playing nuances of specific artists. Build your gig repertoire and interact professionally with the audience (humour and dialogue).



If holding down the groove and foundation of the rhythm section is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. At TMA, we’ll show you basic to advance slap bass techniques as well as understanding chords, scales and their applications. We will teach you to read music notation and educate you in study of selected bass lines and bassists. More importantly, learn the art of grooving with the drummer during a live set.



TMA will introduce to you the right guitar techniques to the mastering of extended/altered chords. Learn to refine your tempo while keeping time and understanding different levels of guitar dynamics. Improve your knowledge of guitar-craft by studying music notations and guitar tablature. Increase the proficiency of ear-training and excel in improvisations on stage. If you are in pursuit of mastering this instrument, TMA instructors are ever-ready to nurture and inspire you to unlock the guitar fingers you never thought you had.



At TMA, we believe anyone can sing. Vocal lessons here help you to recognise vital singing styles and exercise projection techniques. Master your head voice and improve the pressure of your vocal chords with breathing exercises. Learn how to condition and strengthen your voice for live performances when it matters. All of these while applying performance tips and tricks to boost your confidence and persona as a singer on stage.



Approach drums with our all-rounded drumming applications for the burning drummer inside you. This programme includes the basics of a full setup and tuning of drum equipment and gear, understanding aspects of rhythm reading and exercising sound coordination. Study the basics of drum theory and notation as well as focusing on ergonomics and building the basic rock/pop beats.