Corporate Workshops

Corporate Team Building and Bonding at Timbre Music Academy

Timbre Music Academy aims to promote the knowledge and empowerment of music in all its forms to anyone through the most effective ways possible. We believe in holistic outreach, encompassing both entertainment and educational value for corporate sectors and even our business partners. To do this, we have assembled a team of experienced professionals from the industry to share ideas and tricks of the musicianship trade and to inspire those who dare to dream. All in the name of team-bonding, synergising and unleashing your inner rock-star!

We warmly welcome everyone to pick up an instrument or enhance a music-related skill at our academy.  With our unique philosophy and strong music sensibilities, we guarantee you will be able dig deep and seize your potential. Sign up and prepare for a musical journey like no other.

For more information on how you can get your company signed up for a brand new retreat experience, email us or give us a buzz at +65 6338 7376.

Creative Live Entertainment (A Music Retreat)

Apply the new musical skills you have learnt at TMA at a live performance at Timbre in front of friends, colleagues and family. It’s the ultimate rush! This is the chance to be a rock star for a day and unleash your hidden talents. Opt for additional professional video production by us for keepsake or show it off to your pals.


Music Knowledge & Appreciation

Discover and learn a new skill by picking up an instruments or polishing up musical techniques via workshop and practical lessons.  Acquire skills and understand different musical styles and genres in a the fun way!

Original Works

Collaborate with us for professional song composition and you can create jingles related to your products and services. Brainstorm and create a unique music cheer or anthem for your company.

Team Building & Bonding

Unearth the fun side of your colleagues and superiors through band performances and group games. Get to know one another better through unique music challenges and foster teamwork.